Colonial Floors

FAQ's - Floor Care and Maintinance

Floor Protection:

All furniture should have felt pads installed underneath the legs to help prevent scratching.
Area rugs can be placed in high traffic areas. An entry rug can help wipe dirt of your shoes before entering your house.

How can I clean my Hardwood Floors?
Hardwood floors should be swept or vacuumed regularly to help prevent scratching and denting in your floor.
Spotting cleaning can be done as needed with a damp cloth. When a full cleaning is needed, mopping the floors with a ONLY A DAMP MOP is recommended.Water and wood do not mix well and can damage you floors, do not slosh water around your floor. In todays market you can find tools to assist you in cleaning, Bona wood floor cleaning system is one we recommend. Bona has been the leader in hardwood floor care products for years.


How Water and Moisture affect your wood floor:

Hardwood floors and moisture don't mix well. This can cause spotting in the finish, swelling of the wood - cupping and even discoloration of the wood. Here are a few tips for helping to keep it off and away from your floor.

Putting an entry mat outside and inside can help knock snow or rain water off before entering. keeping a rug or runner in your kitchen can help with this high traffic area by catching spills and food. It's always good practice to wipe up water or spills from your floor.

If you notice any water or drainage issues they should be delt with immedately. Areas prone to this are patio doors, sky lights, and in the northern climates, pipes that aren't keep warm enough... Catching these issues early can help save your hardwood floors.

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